Are you aware about the Facebook News feed publisher guidelines?

FB launched the Facebook Journalism Project to collaborate with the news industry in support of an informed community. A consistent piece of feedback we’ve heard from publishers as part of this effort is that they would like more information how News Feed works, in order to understand best practices for contacting their audiences.

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In reply to this feedback, Facebook have releasing News Feed Publisher Guidelines, which include “do’s and don’ts” to help publishers succeed on Facebook’s platform.

As an extension of the Facebook Publisher Principles Facebook released in May, Facebook developed these guidelines with social media teams in mind and in consultation with Facebook publishers. Facebook will continue to update the publisher’s guidelines in collaboration with all partners so they can easily touch their audiences on Facebook.

Publisher Principle 1: Users on Facebook Value Content That’s Meaningful and Informative

Publisher Principle 2: Users on Facebook Value Accurate, Reliable Content

Publisher Principle 3: Users on Facebook Value Criteria for Safe, Respectful Behavior

Important Facebook Changes You Should Know?

Facebook is continuously evaluating how to best serve their developer community. To support this kind of effort by The Facebook developer community, Facebook recently reviewed the product offerings to ensure their resources are focused on building and enhancing the systematic solutions that create the most value for developers.

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As an outcome, some products will sunset in order for Facebook to build new products for their developer community.

These Facebook products are criticized today, and the deprecation cycle will continuously run for 90 days until 2/5/2018:

  • App Invites: App Invites will never again be supported beginning with Facebook SDK form 4.28 or more. Previous version of the SDK can in any case get to App Invites, yet beginning 2/6, App Invites will no longer be supported.

  • edge.create and edge.remove JS SDK Events: These kinds of Events will no longer be accessible in Facebook . As a substitute, you can use Facebook’s Webhooks  feature and get notification every time when someone likes one of your FB Page.

  • Native Like Button: The Native Like Button, designed for mobile version, will no longer be supported starting with SDK version 4.28 and more. Previous Facebook versions of the SDK can still use the Native Facebook like Button, but starting 2/6, the Native Facebook like Button will no longer be supported. After 2/6, the dialogs for Facebook Native Like will no longer appear and clicks on any native like button will result in no action on Facebook.

  • App Links Host: Facebook will be sun setting App Links Host now. For the next 90 days, GET processes will still work, but POST operation will no longer be supported by Facebook. On 2/6, all calls to the endpoint will fail with error message.

  • Comments Mirroring: Facebook Pages that currently have comment mirroring enabled will still work for the next 90 days. And starting 2/6, there will no longer be such kind of option for mirroring if there’s not a website associated with that plugin.

  • Facebook Send Button:  in the Facebook, as there are many other options to sharing a website link, but Facebook Send button will no longer be available

  • Follow Button: With multiple follow options to follow a person or a Facebook business Page, the Follow button has become redundant. You can use the Facebook Like button plugin as an option, which provides you the ability to subscribe to a public Facebook profile or a Facebook Page’s public updates.

  • Facebook Sharing Insights: The Facebook Sharing Insights link and tab from Facebook analytics will be removed on 2/6.

How to Delete a Post on Facebook?

If you post something on Facebook and later decide you don’t want people to see it on your Facebook account’s timeline, you can delete it whenever you want. Visit your Facebook account Timeline and find the status update section, image or video you want to delete.

Click to Open the menu button in the upper right corner of the Facebook post and click Delete.

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You can also hide a Facebook post by choosing Hide from Facebook Timeline or keep it private.

Hiding lets you keep your Facebook post but no one else will be able to see it again when they view your account’s Timeline. Note that it might still show up in Facebook search results and other places on Facebook.

To see a record of things you’ve shared on your Facebook profile, go to your own Facebook profile and click Activity Log in the menu directly below your cover image

Instructions to Recover Hacked Facebook Account

Is Your Facebook Account Compromised!! Recover Hacked Facebook Account Now

As internet user are getting very dependent about getting to Facebook account on everyday schedule from any area, this propensity can in some cases raise them fall in huge hell or prey to some significant issue like Facebook hacking or bargain on the off chance that they don’t know about the safety measures to keep their FB account secure. With expanding prominence of Facebook, the substantial number of users hope to get enlisted with this web-based social networking or person to person communication site.

As web get to is accessible at different open places, for example, net cafe, library, prepare station and air terminals, the system association empowering users to get associated with FB interpersonal interaction site is totally shaky. Tricksters sit tight for a solitary shot drawing nearer to support them and hack Facebook account without squandering a moment as they are sufficiently shrewd in doing that with enough experience and learning of Facebook account hacking.

Once the Facebook account is hacked; users yell on themselves in the wake of committing bungle errors yet it’s past the point of no return by then as they are ignorant about how to recover hacked Facebook account. FB users get excessively baffled because of hacking of Facebook account as all their own points of interest, pictures, videos, business page and contact subtle elements are accessible on the Facebook account that can be abused by the cyber criminals or scammers.

Is My Facebook Account Really Compromised!!

Here are a few signs or indications with which you can realize that Facebook Account has been hacked :

  • Cannot get to Facebook account even subsequent to entering right login qualifications

  • Spam messages topped off the Facebook Wall

  • Images have been shared to obscure individuals

  • Updates made by obscure individuals

  • Important messages containing connections have been sent to obscure users

  • Facebook account settings have been changed

  • Facebook Business page has been erased

  • Unwanted or express pictures have been added to photograph collection

  • Adult videos and Images have been posted on the Facebook Wall utilizing wholesale fraud procedure

  • Chat application been utilized to collaborate with companions in contact list.

  • Alternative email address and Recovery Phone number has been changed

Users; paying little mind to reaching Facebook customer support helpdesk group, continue getting chafed as they don’t know about the strategies to recover Hacked Facebook account. They attempt a few techniques to recover hacked Facebook account yet every one of their endeavors go futile. It’s truly odd to state that individuals who continue getting to Facebook account once in a while as the day progressed, don’t know about the means to recover Hacked Facebook account. In spite of the fact that directions are given by FB to the comfort of users to perform hacked Facebook account recovery, yet not very many of them can execute required advances adjusted inside the techniques.

Facebook help! What is public information?

Something that is public can be seen by anybody. That incorporates individuals who aren’t your companions, individuals off of Facebook and individuals who utilize different media platform, for example, print, communicate (ex: TV) and different destinations on the Internet. For instance, in the event that you utilize our administrations to give an ongoing open remark to a TV program that may show up on the show or somewhere else on Facebook.

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What information is public?

Information you share On Facebook that is always public: Some of the information you give to Facebook, when you fill out your Facebook profile is public, such as your age range, used language and country information. Facebook also use a part of your Facebook profile, called your Public Facebook Profile, to help connect you with friends and Facebook family. Your Facebook Public Profile includes your name, gender, user-name and user ID (account number), Facebook profile picture, profile cover photo and networks. This info is also public.

  • Your user-name, Facebook profile picture and cover photo help people identify you

  • Gender info helps Facebook to describe you (ex: “Add her as a friend”)

  • Listing your Facebook networks (ex: school, workplace) allows others to discover you more easily on Facebook.

  • User-name and user ID (ex: your Facebook account number) are in the URL of your  Facebook profile

  • Age range helps provide you with age-appropriate  Facebook content

  • Language and country assist Facebook provide appropriate content and experiences according to your choice.

The Information you share publicly on Facebook: When you select to share something with the Public (ex: when you choose Public from the audience selector) on Facebook, its measured public information. If you share something and you don’t see an audience picker or another Facebook profile privacy setting, that information is also public.

Stuff other people share with you: If other people share information about you, even if it’s something you shared with them but did not mark publicly, they can select to make it public. Also when you comment on other people’s Facebook public posts, your Facebook comment is public as well.

Posts on Facebook Pages or public groups: Facebook Pages and public groups are public spaces. Anyone who can see the Page or group can see your post or comment. Generally, when you post or comment on a Page or to a public group, a story can be published in News Feed as well as other places on or off Facebook.

How Do I Delete My Private Conversation On Facebook?

To delete a conversation from Facebook account:

  1. Click (messenger) at the top of the Facebook page.
  2. Open your conversation you want to delete from Facebook account.
  3. Click settings (gear icon) Options at the top of the chat window and click Delete Conversation… button.

You can also delete a Facebook conversation from your Facebook messages inbox:

  1. Go to your Facebook messages inbox by clicking Messenger in the top left of Facebook profile page.
  2. Now click to open the conversation you want to delete on Facebook.
  3. Click settings (gear icon) in the top right corner of the Facebook page and click Delete button.

Note: Once you select to delete a Facebook conversation, this can’t be undone.

And always keep in mind that deleting a conversation from your Facebook message inbox won’t delete it from your friend’s message inbox. It isn’t possible to delete sent or received messages from a friend’s Facebook message inbox. if You still have any problems you can contact us 1 866 324 3042 for Facebook customer service

Is Your Facebook Account Locked!! Get it Unlocked Now call+1-866 324 3042

Facebook has offered savor accomplishment to the business world and in addition at individual level for the users since its initiation in 2006. Diverse exercises directed by users while using Facebook account, for example, making posts on business fan page, refreshing item pictures, elevating their business module to group of onlookers over the globe, getting likes, boosting posts has helped them increase dynamite reaction as users continue getting to their FB business fan page and additionally site on visit reason for thinking about recently propelled item benefits.

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Around here, the association has the best medium to make web users mindful about the item or services dispatch as the greater part of them get to FB account through Smartphone gadgets or tabs convenient. Same is there for individuals regardless of ages who associate with their companions, relatives, and known ones; who are not in contact with from past numerous years.

With a few updates and overhauls, Facebook has effectively made a stamp in person to person communication and additionally online networking world. With the approach of Facebook in the web world till its noticeable quality in the long range informal communication world, things had been very extraordinary.

Everything we can state it was a fantasy keep running of this site proprietor to build up this sort of stage with astounding functionalities and highlights epitomized inside FB, which has helped individuals pick up accomplishment in their business and also an individual connection with customers or known ones.

In spite of Facebook has picked up acclaim or notoriety among web users in various corners of the globe, individuals now and then face issues like Facebook account incidentally bolted. Because of sudden locking of FB account, it has turned out to be very troublesome for specialists to get to this long range informal communication site and perform basic exercises on the business fan page that in the long run prompt business misfortune as Internet users are not ready to get to business fan page and can’t put arrange in the wake of getting to the site straightforwardly from that specific fan. At times, business fan page quits reacting on a brief premise; when FB account related with it is incidentally bolted that compound the situation.

Why Facebook Account Gets Locked Suddenly? Reasons Specified

Facebook users get by and large astonished on the conduct of the server to bolt Facebook account on sudden premise without hinting them as it was working fine a couple of minutes back. Due to bolted FB account, individuals confront parcel of issues as they should finish a fundamental errand

There are sure purposes for sudden Facebook account locking. Some of them are as per the following:

  • Facebook server not reacting.
  • Somebody endeavored to hack FB account.
  • User entering mistaken login certifications.
  • Spam joins shared on Facebook divider.
  • Sending companion demand to obscure individuals.
  • Sharing spontaneous pictures and accounting’s on Facebook divider.
  • Sending jabs to an excessive number of individuals at once.
  • Regular remarks on pictures of obscure individual.
  • Sending solicitation to subscribe an excessive number of gatherings at once.

Issues Associated with Unexpected FB Account Locking

  • Issues with sign-in even subsequent to utilizing right login qualifications.

  • Cannot post refresh and also share pictures on FB divider.
  • Can’t change password of FB account.
  • Cannot make different business fan page.
  • Facebook account not reacting.
  • Cannot get to FB account on Android or IOS Smartphone gadget.
  • Unable to send and get Friend ask for to obscure one.
  • No plausibility of changing account settings with fruitful FB account get to.

How to Unlock Facebook Account in Easiest Way Possible?

  • Open a web program and attempt to get to as of now bolted Facebook account with amend login certification

  • Once you can do as such, new screen shows inside a choice to send confirmation code to your companions as of now included your FB account

  • Select some of your companions and tap on the catch underneath to send a confirmation

  • Now give a call to those companions to whom confirmation code has been sent to their email address or cell phone.

  • Once you get codes from them, enter the same comparing to the companion’s picture alongside choosing their right name.

  • Press the following or proceed with catch and sit tight for the codes to get approved.

  • Once the approval gets effective, another page is shown with the alternative to reset Facebook account secret key and in addition security question and replies.

Everything you want to know about Facebook help

Facebook has turned out to be synonymous with person to person communication in the course of recent years, shooting past famous systems like MySpace and Hi5 to wind up noticeably the home far from home on the web. This accumulation of Facebook tips should assist everybody from those new to long range interpersonal communication to those hoping to discover strong techniques to enhance business utilizing Facebook.

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Facebook Help: What is Facebook?

For some individuals, Facebook appeared unexpectedly to rule their advanced lives.

With a kind of viral development, Facebook has a tendency to devour families and gatherings of companions by hooking on to a solitary part who at that point spreads it to the rest. “You must be on Facebook!” and “Look at my Facebook page!” are the advanced reciprocals of a sniffle spreading Facebook to whatever is left of the gathering. So what is Facebook? Where did it originate from? Why utilize it? Before we get into the Facebook tips, we should take a gander at what Facebook can is and what it can do.

  • What is Facebook?

  • Why Should You Start Using Facebook?

  • What is Facebook Connect?

Facebook Tips and Tricks

Facebook encourage can be difficult to find on the off chance that you are hoping to achieve a particular errand. There are a wide range of things you can do on Facebook, such as interfacing it to your blog or connecting it to Twitter. Yet, how would you achieve these errands? These Facebook tips will demonstrate to you industry standards to play out a portion of the cool Facebook traps.

  • How to Organize Facebook Friends

  • How to Connect Twitter to Facebook

  • How to Set Up a RSS Feed on Facebook

  • How to Find Old Friends Using Facebook

  • How to Chat on Facebook

  • How to Use Facebook Chat’s Emoticons

  • How to Unblock Facebook

Facebook and Family

Is your family on Facebook? Do you stress over how your family may communicate on Facebook and what perils may introduce themselves to your children?

Facebook is an awesome approach to associate with your children and an incredible asset for social exercises on the web, yet every parent should know a little about the interpersonal organization.

Facebook and Business

Facebook has developed past famous to wind up noticeably the accepted standard for interpersonal interaction in the new thousand years. Accordingly, Facebook presents an awesome business open door for promoting your items or your image. With Facebook fan pages showing the capacity to rapidly (and economically) speak with a huge number of potential clients, the main inquiry is the way to begin. These Facebook tips will help guide you the correct way.

  • Create a Professional Facebook Profile

  • Add a Facebook Fan Box to Your Website

Facebook Games

The prevalence of the Facebook designer’s system has transformed the interpersonal organization into a stage for social amusements. What’s more, due to the social joining, these recreations can be very fun and addicting. Who wouldn’t have any desire to locate that former sweetheart from secondary school and tired a posse of hooligans on them or discover an ex and transform them into a vampire? These Facebook tips incorporate a few tricks to prominent recreations with the goal that you won’t need to hear your closest companion boast about how much better their homesteads are doing in Farmville.

  • Mafia Wars versus Hoodlum City

  • 14 Scrofulous Alternatives on Facebook

  • How to Play Farmville Outside of Facebook

  • 3 Ways to Gamble on Facebook

  • 6 Popular Board Games on Facebook

  • Farmville Cheats

  • More Game Cheats

Facebook Beware

It’s not all silly buffoonery on Facebook. Likewise with any social site, the prevalence has prompted another market for advanced hoodlums, and Facebook encourages them by giving another group of onlookers. It is constantly critical to defend yourself when on the web, and these snappy tips should enable you to explore potential issues.

How To Disable Or Enable Facebook Messenger Notification?

To turn off Facebook Messenger notifications for all conversations on your iPhone or iPad device:

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  1. From Facebook Home, Click your profile picture in the top left corner of the Facebook page.

  2. Click Notifications.

  3. Click next to Do Not Disturb button.

  4. Choose how long you want to turn off Facebook messenger notifications.

To turn off messenger notifications for a single conversation on your iPhone or iPad device:

  1. From Facebook Home, Click and hold a conversation.

  2. Ad now click Mute button.

  3. Select how long to turn off messenger notifications

To turn off Facebook Messenger notification alerts for all conversations on your Android device:

  1. Form Facebook menu, press your profile picture in the top right corner of the page.

  2. Click Notifications & Sounds.

  3. Click next to on previews to turn them off.

  4. Select how long you want to turn off messenger notifications.

To turn off messenger notifications for a single conversation on your Android device:

  1. Form Facebook Home, Click and hold a conversation

  2. Click Mute notifications button.

  3. Now select how long to turn off notifications,

If I block someone on Facebook, can I see anything about that person?

Yes. Blocking allows you to prevent many interactions feature with someone on Facebook, but you may still encounter content they’ve shared on Facebook timeline.

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Here’s what you can see:

Messages: Your Facebook message history with someone you’ve blocked will stay in your Facebook inbox. If the blocked person is ever included in a conversation with a Facebook group of friends, you may be able to see the messages. Remember, you can leave a conversation any time that you don’t want to be part of, or delete all conversation messages that you don’t like.

  • Mutual friend’s stories: There’s a chance that you’ll see stories about the blocked individual through common companions. For instance, if the blocked individual labels a shared companion in a photograph, you may see this story on your companion’s course of events.

  • Photos: You may see photographs or labels of the blocked individual included by other individuals.

  • Groups: Someone you’ve blocked won’t have the capacity to add you to a gathering, however you’ll have the capacity to see bunches that the blocked individual made or is an individual from.

  • Events: Someone you’ve blocked won’t have the capacity to welcome you to an occasion, yet you’ll have the capacity to see occasions to which both you and the blocked individual are welcomed.

  • Games and applications: Since recreations and applications are controlled by outside designers, the Facebook square won’t have any significant bearing to them. So you could see somebody you blocked while you’re playing a diversion (ex: in the amusement’s visit room).