How Do I Delete My Private Conversation On Facebook?

To delete a conversation from Facebook account:

  1. Click (messenger) at the top of the Facebook page.
  2. Open your conversation you want to delete from Facebook account.
  3. Click settings (gear icon) Options at the top of the chat window and click Delete Conversation… button.

You can also delete a Facebook conversation from your Facebook messages inbox:

  1. Go to your Facebook messages inbox by clicking Messenger in the top left of Facebook profile page.
  2. Now click to open the conversation you want to delete on Facebook.
  3. Click settings (gear icon) in the top right corner of the Facebook page and click Delete button.

Note: Once you select to delete a Facebook conversation, this can’t be undone.

And always keep in mind that deleting a conversation from your Facebook message inbox won’t delete it from your friend’s message inbox. It isn’t possible to delete sent or received messages from a friend’s Facebook message inbox. if You still have any problems you can contact us 1 866 324 3042 for Facebook customer service

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